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Hi! Im that dumb-ass new guy

2013-07-14 02:41:18 by Darksharkssm

Hey! My real name is Cole, Im new here! Im also new at animating! For years now I have loved watching Egoraptor, RicePirate, Oneyng, Speedosausage, ThunderHumor, and many more popular animators on Youtube! And just recently, I downloaded Flash cs5.5.... Now i know your probably thinking, "Shit, another one...", and yes i can understand why. But honestly, I came here because I struggle on Youtube. I know there is such a slim chance of making it big now on Youtube because its kinnda too late, but I came here because I hear this is the best environment for good, respectable, helpful people. What I want from this site is to meet some cool people, learn a few tips and tricks, and have a good time! So far I really enjoy this atmosphere and all the helpful forums! If you happens to see this post, please say Hi(:
Thanks a bunch!
~The Newbie


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2013-07-14 17:19:05

Do work, new guy. Make sure it's good: no half-assed animation or humour, no stealing jokes, etc. If you're voicing, do it with gusto and a decent mic.

Darksharkssm responds:

Ill try! my first one is shit. yes i know. but im making a new one that is good


2013-07-14 22:02:39

I'm new too! I hope to see some cool movies!